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Rohet is a small village about two hours out of Jodhpur, and is chiefly known for the charming Rohetgarh Heritage Hotel.

The hotel offers an unusual experience - village safaris, which introduce its guests to local cultures and traditions. Guests are taken into homes and received with warmth and affection. You interact with various communities living in the area and share and understand their worlds, the Bishnois, protectors of nature for five centuries and arguably the world's first ecologists, responsible for the survival of species such as the black-buck antelope; the semi nomadic Raika shepherds of Marwar whose brilliant crimson and marigold costumes would put modern designers to shame; as also the Paliwals and the Meghwals, the farmers and weavers. 

Guests witness traditional folk ceremonies signifying friendship and brotherhood and see village artisans at work creating leather articles, pottery and woven handicrafts. Besides being home to three species of antelope - the chinkara, the blue bull and the black-buck-Rohet is also a haven for bird watchers with up to 200 domestic and migratory species nesting here.