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Located about three hours of driving time from Udaipur in Rajasthan, Deogarh is a convenient base for day trips to the famous Kumbalgarh fort or the Jain temples of Ranakpur. A wooded principality, the seat of the Chundawat clan of Sisodia Rajputs, and the seat of the Deogarh school of paintings, this settlement is surrounded by Bhil villages whose colourful way of life and celebration of festival is unique. The highlight of the place is the Deogarh Palace Hotel, which was constructed in 1670, and is now a plush heritage hotel.


The palace is situated on a tranquil lake with Gokalgarh fort as its backdrop. This hotel boasts of all the comforts and amenities of a modern home, suffused with traditional splendour. The palace was designed by the traditional Sompura architects, and the overall symmetry of the palace is undisturbed despite a plethora of balconies, windows pillars and staircases. The entire castle is decorated with beautiful murals and mirror work. Traditional regional cuisine is served in the ornate dining hall. A visit to Deogarh is incomplete without a trekking trip to the nearby hills and a walk in the nearby village. The palace also makes arrangements for local artisans to come and perform the local tribal warrior dance and folk music for you. You can enjoy being a part of the Rajasthani tradition and live in a royal style in this heritage hotel.