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Khajuraho is a World Heritage Site, and its rise to prominence on the world tourism map is a romantic story. Built by the warrior king of the Chandela dynasty during the 10th-11th century, the Khajuraho temples emerged from the mist of time in 1838 when they were discovered by a British officer. The Indian government and private sector have developed tourist infrastructure around the 22 surviving temples for the thousands of tourists who visit the tiny Khajuraho village and are fascinated by the intricate and lifelike carvings on temple walls. Though the temples of Khajuraho are best known for their erotic scenes, these form a very small percentage of the exquisite panels of sculptures on the walls of the temples and the majority of these depict scenes of daily life in India ten centuries ago. Besides the temples, Khajuraho offers a number of interesting excursions - Panna National Park, Ken wildlife sanctuary and a number of enchanting waterfalls.