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Utelia is a small town 78 km from Ahmedabad, and is famous for its palace, now converted to a heritage hotel.

Utelia was founded in 1786 by Bhav Sinhji, a member of the Vaghela Rajput clan that once ruled much of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Malwa and Rewa. The Palace Utelia was built around the turn of the century to replace a wooden palace by Nekamdar Thakore Saheb Sur Sinhji. The Palace is a typical work of the Indo-Saracenic architectural style with European influences, and features five domes, pillared galleries, balconies and porticos.

Its facilities include 14 well-appointed rooms with intricately carved wooden beds and excellent tiled bathrooms, some with private balconies. On offer are village tours by bullock cart, horse riding, Jeep safaris, gala evenings of dances and folk music of Gujarat. You will also get to experience Indian, Continental and traditional cuisine including Kathiawadi and Rajasthani delicacies