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Goa: is more than a mere tourist attraction dotted with pristine beaches and lip smacking varieties of seafood to relish on. It has forever been a confluence of several customs and ethnicity and this very aspect has been still stored in its origins for everyone to come and see it. The medicinal springs, the age old rocks, medieval forts, magnificent Portuguese homes… the list in this variety is impressive and endless!

It is a land of the Sun, the beaches, the adventure activities and the quaint ambiance and also of distinct traditions and customs… all in the same breath. Guests visiting Goa quintessentially return back home wanting for more. Reflections of a Portuguese way of life juxtaposed beautifully with the local culture and traditions can still be seen here. While here, do not miss to gorge on the local cuisine comprising of sea food and other vegetarian options and of course the exotic Feni!


“Bom Jesus Basilica”, a fine example of Jesuit architecture, and perhaps the richest church with its heavily decorated yet admirably proportioned interior. While noted for its size and style, the Bom Jesus is visited mainly for the precious relic, which it enshrines. Here the curios or the worshiping may view the body of “Saint Francis Xavier” which lies partially exposed in the dazzling silver casket, an ironic final resting place for a man who ardently refused this splendor throughout his life.

“Cathedral of St. Catherine”, one of Asia’s largest churches, having 15 altars. The harmony of its façade was destroyed in 1776, when lightning demolished one of its twin bell towers. The remaining tower houses the famous “Golden Bell” which once announced the death-knell of burning heretics during the inquisition

Shri. Mangueshi Temple : At Priol, Ponda considered to have built in the middle of 16th Century and is known as the oldest temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is set amidst picturesque surroundings and those small in size, its overall outline with an elegant tower is richly endowed with elegance. 

Panjim, the Capital City of Goa with a photo stop at the Mary Immaculate Conception Church. Drive to Altinho Hill for an aerial view of Panjim City, also visit the local fish, vegetable & fruit market.